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Fixing mail send on home ubuntu server & residential internet connection

Since about November 12th of this year my server has been having trouble sending emails. I have been putting it off for long enough so I decided to start the fix. I did some initial digging around and using this command :”echo ‘this is a test’| mail -s test_email user@domain” and checking the /var/log/mail.log along with kickback messages.

I am not sure who started blocking me,comcast or google. Either way there is always a work around. This one is only intended for small scale email sending. The way I set mine up was to send though my domain’s google apps account, and ssmtp. It was much easier looking than the other methods I looked into using postfix or sendmail.

I used this walkthrough do get this done and it worked wonderfully : Ubuntu Send Email with ssmtp and Google apps or gmail

I need to get my code formatting css, and such setup so I can post some code..