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Spain Day 11: Toledo

Today we traveled from Madrid to Toledo, the train ride was around 30 minutes. Upon arriving in Toledo we were greeted by Santiago, the man who we are renting the apartment from. He was very kind and offered to take us on a brief tour and took us to the scenic overlook south of the city.

After unloading our bags and settling in a bit we went exploring. While walking around we came across the cathedral of Toledo. Here is a picture of the outside.

Tomorrow we go on a tour of the inside, but no pictures are allowed.

After unloading our bags and getting ready for the day we decided to see the one of the El Greco masterpieces : Burial of Count Orgaz. I found a picture of it on google (no pictures were allowed). Here is the picture of the Burial of Count Orgaz.

The man making eye contact with the viewer is El Greco himself, and the boy pointing to the deceased (deathly looking fellow in armor) is El Greco’s son. The maiden in the sky is the virgin Mary, however this is said to be modeled after El Greco’s wife who died when their son was still very young ( Click the picture for a larger version ).

Here is a picture of the streets around this area. This is a more major street as it is a bit more than a cars width across.

Next we headed to an overlook to take pictures, here was the view.

Our next destination was the Museum of Santa Cruz, which has some El Greco paintings and a massive tapestry depicting the constellations from the 14th century. Here is a picture of the courtyard in the museum.

Here you can see the most famous El Greco in the museum.

Here is the tapestry of constellations from the 14th century. The north star is located in the center of the tapestry. Notice some of the constellations that we still know and use, although many of the common names have changed.

After that we headed back to the room and had a rest. Later that night we headed out for a tapas dinner. After dinner we walked down to the bridge and I took a few night time photos. Here is one of the bridge.

Here is another picture a bit closer to the bridge.

After exploring the bridge we headed back and went to sleep! All that walking on steep streets really made my legs tired. Tomorrow (day 12) we have a walking tour that starts at 10 AM; we will be visiting a Christian church, a Mosque, and a Synagogue. It will be very interesting.