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Spain Day 12: Guided city tour and more Toledo

Day 12 started with a guided walking tour of toledo, our tour guide was very informational and she did a great job leading us to the most important sites.
First we went to a lookout near where our apartment was and our guide pointed out some historical boundaries and told us about the cities growth over the ages.
Here is a picture of the Jewish neighborhood, and the back of a church.

Toledo was fist established as a city in 7th Century B.C. Our guide was taking us to three places of worship, A Sinagog, A Mosque, and a Christian church. The first on our stop is a Sinagog.
On the way we stopped at the one of the spots I took photos from yesterday, here is a shot looking a bit up the river.

The Sinagog had very ornate woodworking on its very high ceiling. Also there was amazing stone work around the top brim of the Sinagog with inscriptions in Hebrew in them.

Onward we headed to the Church of Toledo, It was a very magnificent church. Unfortunately there were no pictures allowed inside, so I can only tell you to be sure to visit this
church if in Toledo. In a back gallery in the church there are also many great paintings by many masters. In Toledo on Corpus Christye they haul this giant treasure with all sorts of gold,
silver, and precious stones; around the streets of toledo. Here you can see the outside of the church.

Next we headed to the Mosque which looked to be the oldest of the three buildings we saw. Right next to the small Mosque there was the remains of a roman street.
Here is a picture of the front of the Mosque.

This building has been heavily modified since its building, it was used as a Christian church for some time also. Here is a picture taken from the wall opposing the Mosque.

After seeing the Mosque we parted ways with our guide and ate some lunch. After lunch we headed to one of the old gates of Toledo and to the other bridge.
The old city of Toledo only has three points of access, two pedestrian bridges, and a road for cars. Here is a picture of the bridge facing towards Toledo.

Once we had throughly checked out the gates we started the hike back up to our apartment, which was on the opposite side of Toledo! Once we had made it back into the city we decided we needed
a siesta. Around this time Kaelyn started feeling ill and Mom soon thereafter. Mom and I went out with me to get some dinner and take some sunset shots from the lookout near our apartment.
I had a hard time getting the photos to turn out well, either the sky looked good or the city. However with a little color level magic, I got this one looking alright.

Here is another shot right at as the sun was setting. Again this pictures color levels were tweaked to fix the darkness.

Thats it for day 12, Thanks for reading. Mom and Kaelyn were feeling much better once they woke up.