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Anon hacks weststupidchurch

So I watched the video and was thinking about how this went down.


The video is LOL , that woman is batshit crazy! Go anon!

I had not heard of the term hacktivist until this video, its a good term and it fits Anon well. I sincerely hope that the  Anon members are behind 9000 proxies and will be careful to stay anonymous. They are obviously intelligent and to me, they seem to be looking for justice.

I hypothesize the way they did this one looked similar to this:

  • Got access (not sure how.. ) to DNS and setup subdomain.
  • Got server access (not sure how.. ) to setup apache v-hosts to point to dir
  • added fags.php to downloads sub-dir root.
  • fags.php is a genious little piece of php (I would like to see source ).. it allows gets to be translated into local ip addresses. Exapmple : fags.php?=_&=
  • posted message on index of downloads root, with nmap(?) output of local network. Also they posted exploit urls for most of the computers and routers on the network

Things I am unsure about:

  • How did they get access to the webhost server?
  • was it a zero day exploit or a clever bit of social engineering ? Either way I bet they had root acces on the server to modify the v-hosts and create the downloads apache root..
  • I am also interested in how this GET works I have never used a get with _ , usually i use text like page.php?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments !