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Denmark – Copenhagen day 1

On September 26th 2013 Hannah and I made the voyage to Denmark to meet relatives, see the sights, and have some fun. We left Denver around 2pm, after the 8 + hour plane ride and long day of flying, It was morning  ( in Denmark anyhow ) and we were ready to explore Copenhagen. Here is a picture of what I would guess is northern .. denmark ?


First we went to a market to get some breakfast and some much needed caffeine. We found a covered market that contained 10 or more small shops which specialized in : coffee, tea, olive oil, chocolates, flowers, juices, vegetables, and baked goods. We went to the bakery almost every day. Here is a picture down the main isle :


find the owl


After that we wandered to the Strøget a street where there are many shops, it is essentially a very long pedestrian mall.



After that we headed back to the hotel for a little rest and some dinner. Here is a picture snapped on the way back to the hotel.