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OS X lion : First impression

As soon as I got home on sunday the 24th, I started the download/install of lion. It took about 1.5 hr from buying to completing the install. Everything went very smoothly the only crucial app that didn’t work was Visor (a terminal hotkey) and I already found a replacement made by the same person ( called total terminal. Nice!

I really like the sliding desktops and mission control, especially when working on only one screen. The sliding is not quite as useful when using multiple monitors. Overall there are no problems that would make me roll back to my backup created before installing Lion.

The multi touch gestures in Safari are awesome, and work amazingly well. I really enjoy browsing the web this way, I hope some of these features make it to chrome (fingers crossed) but I am enjoying using Safari for my casual web browsing. Using the scroll to go forward/backwards has made me start to use tabs a whole lot less. I am exited to see how more applications will use features like this.

Another adjustment was the reversing of the scroll gesture and the mission control gesture (an expose replacement). After using it for a few hours I am already used to the new way, and I do understand the reasoning behind the decision. Overall this is a great continuation OS X and I am happy with the upgrade.