Skyrim bug workaround : Hissing / Sizzling noise

UPDATE : It has been fixed in latest update

I am writing this post in the hopes that possibly it will help someone else. While playing the amazing Bob Ross / Lord of the Rings video game : Elder Scrolls Skyrim ; I came across an incredibly annoying audio glitch. The gist of the bug is this, an object ( an arrow in my case) gets stuck inside your characters body and the hissing or sizzling noise begins. This doesn’t happen every time I fight someone who has a bow and arrow so not too sure on the specifics.

The fix for this bug is a funny one but it took me about 25 min on google to figure out how to stop this annoying noise. My initial google query was : skyrim sound glitch first person. Since I noticed it only was apparent in first person. Then I moved on to : skyrim hissing sound. This is where I started to find others with a similar problem. My lead to the solution was a single post on gamefaqs forum. It said something about a sexchange fixing the hissing or sizzling noise. So to fix this bug go to your console “~” and type “sexchange” two times, unless you want to stay as the opposite sex.

After the sexchange the hissing / Sizzling stops.

Weird stuff, I really hope this gets patched in the update coming this week!

— Edit : Fixed by latest patch

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