Building a beast

I have been working on a building a list of parts for a computer that should be comparable to a $2499 Mac Pro. I plan on tripple booting this computer with linux, os x, and win 7 (v-games!).

I started with some searches on google about hackintosh setups with the i7 processor, after sorting by anything within this year i found:

Since I’m in colorado I plan on going to microcenter to buy all the parts (in my opinion the best computer store in the denver area). I upgraded from the post above in a couple of areas, here is my list :

  • Processor: 3.4 ghz Core i7 LGA 1155 (4 core processor) – $249.99
  • Motherboard: two choices here. (one has more ram slots)
    • GA-H55M-SV2 LGA – $74.99
    • GA- P67A-UD3 LGA – $129.99
  • Harddrive: Samsung 2tb 5400 rpm (sale) – $69.99
  • 4gb of dual channel DDR3 1066 (maybe 1333) 240 pin – $60-$80
  • Sony dvd+rw/cd+rw drive 17.99
  • ATI radeon HD 5870 1gb GDDR5 – Around $200
  • 750w power supply – $60 – $80
  • Case for the computer – $30 – $60


I need to do some research into if that setup will need a wireless/bluetooth card it could be integrated with the motherboard, like the sound card is.

Once I buy all the parts and put it together I will post on how it runs and if I made any mistakes in the buying process.

UPDATE: I need to do a follow up post about what I ended up with! I had to change out a couple of parts because they were unavailable at micro-center.